Monday, March 13, 2017


Look at me!  I'm on the bed with the humans!!
PATTY:  Progress notes on the transition:   
  • Yesterday she purred while I was petting her and she let me brush her and kiss her.  
  • She's exploring more and she had herself two good gallops -- I realized she's been cooped up in a cage for three months, so that must have been extremely gratifying for her!!  
  • She has to move the water bowl into a specific position and then she dips in her paw and licks from it a couple of times and then will lower her head and sip.  
  • Sabryin was in bed reading and she jumped up and found a spot and made herself at home.  She even watched Detective Montalbano with us!
  • And she slept on the bed all night. 
One thing about her I cannot get used to:  she is so Heavy . . . has a really solid body.  Not like Bhu, who was all fur; he looked HUGE but he was really quite tiny under all that fur.  Picking him up was easy.  Most of Daffodil tends to stay on the ground when I try to pick her up!  LOL



  1. That is great progress for all of you! She is coming to realize what a forever home is!

  2. It sounds as if Daffodil has a mind and a personality all her own! Welcome to her.

  3. Such a cutie. I am glad she is adjusting so well.

  4. She's really making herself more at home. That's great!

  5. I love this and I hope to see more and more and more. I just subscribed, and Bhu, still love and miss you but I am welcoming your new sisfur.

  6. Daffodil...tell us what all you have done? xxx