Monday, March 13, 2017


Look at me!  I'm on the bed with the humans!!
PATTY:  Progress notes on the transition:   
  • Yesterday she purred while I was petting her and she let me brush her and kiss her.  
  • She's exploring more and she had herself two good gallops -- I realized she's been cooped up in a cage for three months, so that must have been extremely gratifying for her!!  
  • She has to move the water bowl into a specific position and then she dips in her paw and licks from it a couple of times and then will lower her head and sip.  
  • Sabryin was in bed reading and she jumped up and found a spot and made herself at home.  She even watched Detective Montalbano with us!
  • And she slept on the bed all night. 
One thing about her I cannot get used to:  she is so Heavy . . . has a really solid body.  Not like Bhu, who was all fur; he looked HUGE but he was really quite tiny under all that fur.  Picking him up was easy.  Most of Daffodil tends to stay on the ground when I try to pick her up!  LOL


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Introducing Daffodil!

Pleased to meet you!  Got any treats?
PATTY:  It's been three months since Bhu crossed the bridge and it was about time for us to see if any other kitties wanted to come live with us.  We decided we wanted to get a rescue this time with no age or special needs restrictions.  With two broken hearts still healing from missing Bhu, we could not bring ourselves to go to the shelters and see the kitties in person; it would have been just more heartache.  But I saw Daffodil in the online array of adoptable kitties at the Humane Society and she has such pretty eyes, I just thought she would be the one.  Sabryin agreed, although he had his heart set on a purry lap cat.

Daffodil is around 3 years old. She was first brought to the Humane Society in December 2013 as a stray.  In February 2014 she was adopted and it was probably at that time that she was declawed.  When her new family had to move in December 2016, she was again dumped at the Humane Society. 

We just got her yesterday and so far she is eating, drinking, using the litter box, and not hiding under the bed!  She is napping a lot and she is letting me pet her occasionally, but she doesn't purr.  Maybe someday she will purr for us.  She seems a little fat around the middle, maybe from being in a cage for three months.  She doesn't seem to want to play much (I'm not sure how play goes when kitties don't have claws) and she's not too athletic (although she has jumped up on the table, kitchen counter, and one of the beds). 

She seems to like me more than Sabryin; but that's the way it was with Bhu, too.  She rubs up against my legs when I'm in the kitchen . . . ALWAYS looking for treats! 

So, Daffodil, do you have anything to say?

DAFFY:  I'll let you know.  Fur now, just keep the treats comin'.